Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Explore and expand the possibilities of the human body: from cell therapy to creation of artificial organs using 3D-bioprinting.

The use of stem cells to treat disease (cell therapy)
3D-bioprinting: creating of bioequivalent of organs and tissues by the method of 3D printing living cells
Development of innovative biomaterials for tissue engineering and reconstructive plastic surgery
Researches of biomechanics: measurement of mechanical properties of biological and synthetic materials

Two sides of the same Institute: equally important

Department of advanced cell technologies

Researches of the peculiarities of neurodegenerative diseases (genetics)

We study the role of TRP and ASIC channels in the development of such neurodegenerative diseases as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. Fundamental mechanisms of pathogenesis of these diseases involving these channels are being investigated. Also, a search for compounds that are able to modulate their work and to influence the rate of progression of neurodegeneration.

The Department of modern biomaterials

The analysis of the chemical composition of the analyzed materials, maps construction of substances distribution in the sample

Spectral analysis of the chemical composition in the infrared range. Determination of composition of organic substances on functional groups. The distribution of substances in the sample with a resolution of 10 µm.

Determination of surface properties of materials

Determination of values of physical quantities characterizing the surface properties of the material.


Laser transfer for cell cultures and microbial systems at the substrate/scaffold.

The study of micromechanical properties of materials

Determination of Young's modulus of samples of different nature. Mapping the distribution of Young's modulus on the surface of samples.

Sorting of cells

Immunophenotyping of cell cultures. The selection of subpopulations of cells. Selection of single cells for molecular analysis and obtain cloned cell cultures.

Analysis of cytotoxicity of biomaterials

Determination of cytotoxicity of biomaterials by method of assessing the metabolic activity of cells invitro.

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