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DNA decoding and
bioinformatical processing of DNA

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Every clinical investigation begins with the development of a clinical protocol. Then we will conduct clinical trials that may last for a year or 2-3 years. Much depends on the complexity of the project.


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The analysis shouldn’t be formal as it is essential for developers themselves. You will understand how to improve your project and market it. Sometimes the research may have some potential in other spheres.


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We will assess the profitability of your project and prepare a detailed report for registration in FSSH.


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As we are familiar with the market of medical appliances, together we will make your project meet the needs of clinics. Your research project will go all the way from the conceptual level to application at Sechenov University very quickly.

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Копылов Филипп Юрьевич
Professor Philip Kopylov
Head of the Institute Personalized Medicine
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To find out all the details of clinical trials and find out more about the expert evaluation price, Please contact Professor Philip Kopylov directly.

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